5 Common Electrical Problems in the Home
When it comes to home electrical components, safety really should be your number one priority. It is very important to
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Why Do My Power Points Keep Making a Humming Noise?
Have you heard a slight, or even loud, humming noise in your power points recently? No, there isn’t a problem
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Want to Know Why Your Light Bulbs Keep Burning Out So Fast?
Are you spending more money on light bulbs per month than you are on coffee?If you are, I bet you’re
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How Do I Know if My Electrical Switchboard Needs Repairing?
Knowing the important role your switchboard plays is essential for understanding if, when and why it needs repair. As your
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My Fuses Keep Blowing: Do I Need My Mains Box Replaced
If for some reason the power in your home keeps cutting out, the lights are flickering, or your not keeping
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Safety Switch Keeps Tripping? You Need to Read This
Safety switches are life saving devices protecting you, your family and your home from disastrous electrical damage. But, what happens
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Need an Emergency Electrical Defect Notice Repaired?
Have you recently been issued with an electrical defect notice and need it repaired right now? The safety and quality
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Has the Power Gone Out in Your Home? Here’s 5 Reasons Why
There’s nothing more annoying than having the power suddenly go out in your home. Whether you’re watching the suspenseful finale
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