5 ways to keep your electricity bill down

Electricity, once a luxury, has now become a necessity. We are completely dependent on it in so many aspects of our lives. From boilers for hot water, washing machines to wash clothes, refrigerators for preserving food, and laptops for working or surfing. But the fact is, we can get too comfortable, and dependence on these electrical devices and appliances does not automatically mean that you have to part with large sums of money every month. 

Read on for tips on keeping your electricity bill down. And remember that if you’re ever in need to keep the electricity operating at home, then thankfully professional emergency electricians are always on hand.

1. Switch things off

Whether it is the lights in your living room, lamp in your bedroom, or you are in the habit of leaving your television on standby, get into the habit of switching things off. While you may think that it won’t add much to your bill, it can add up immensely over the course of years and even just months.

2. Check seals on windows and doors

There is no point heating your home and making it cozy and at a comfortable temperature if the heat is going to escape through cracks in your windows and doors. Make sure your home is well sealed, and also appropriately insulated. This will help keep in warm air in winter, and also ensure that your air conditioner is not operating in vain in summer.

3. Use appliances strategically

There are certain tricks you can use to make sure you do not waste energy, and ultimately money. For example, if you have a lot of clothes to dry, then dry them one after another in consecutive loads. This means that the dryer machine is already warm after one load, and will thus save energy. Another example is the dishwasher. Resist the temptation to put it on for a partial load and make sure it is full before you use it.

4. Dress for the weather

Instead of automatically reaching for the heating switch or for the air conditioner control, consider dressing differently. Adding a few layers or taking a few off, while at home, could make you rethink using your heating or cooling device needlessly. This will save energy and therefore save money too.

5. Ensure your appliances are working properly

Electrical appliances that are not working properly will drain energy and cause you to end up with a high electricity bill. Make sure appliances are checked, repaired and maintained appropriately. While this can be annoying to deal with in the short term, it can be worth the extra cents you will save long term. Moreover, if a specific appliance is no longer working and cannot be repaired, you can also consider looking into energy-saving appliances too.


There are many ways to keep your electricity bill down and ultimately save money. By doing simple things like using appliances appropriately, repairing them when necessary, switching off lights and gadgets, you can save a huge amount of energy and money. 

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