8 Safety Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights and Electric Decorations

Christmas is one of the brightest and most beautiful seasons of the year. You can spot gorgeous Christmas decorations just about everywhere you go. One of the best things to do during Christmas is to drive around at night and see beautiful displays of Christmas lights in gardens. Hanging Christmas lights is a very popular tradition that can bring your family lots of joy. 

But this isn’t an activity to be taken lightly. Christmas lights and other electric Christmas decorations can be very dangerous.  These electric devices can kill you if you are not careful. It is estimated that up to 10 people die while hanging Christmas lights every year and these activities result in many more injuries or even catastrophes like house fired.

If you are planning on decorating for Christmas then it is important to pay attention to what you are doing and to keep the following electricity safety tips in mind.

There are quite a few different types of Christmas lights available on the market. Some of these Christmas lights are suitable for outdoor use because they are waterproof and highly durable while others are only suitable for indoor use. It is important to ensure that you use outdoor lights if you are decorating your rooftop, garden or if you are setting up an outdoor Christmas tree.

It is always better to plug your lights directly into the main plug than into an extension cord but if you are using a cord then it is best to go with a waterproof cord so you can avoid nasty situations should the cord come in contact with water. It is also a good idea to avoid connecting your lights until you are finished hanging them and to test the lights to see if they are in working order before you get to work on hanging. 

If your electric lights or decorations are old and worn down then it is probably best to toss these out rather than try to use them. Damaged lights can cause electrification if you are exposed to open wires and cracked sockets. These old products can also result in house fires.

It is important to never use electric lights on a metallic Christmas tree, especially when you are setting up your tree indoors.

To keep your property safe it is always good to routinely check the temperature of cords, string light cords, and decorations. If something feels too hot then it is better to unplug the lights.

Leaving your lights on when you go to bed or leave home is just a bad idea. Avoid using timers and auto-off lights and stay responsible by manually switching off all of your Christmas lights and decorations when you go to bed or leave home.

Don’t bury your cords under the ground or rugs. When you bury your cords you cannot spot risks such as overheating. It is also a good idea to keep your cords tugged away so guests won’t trip on them and so these cords won’t become tempting chew toys for pets.

It is always best to have plenty of hands when you are hanging Christmas lights. These lights can get entangled so easy and if you tug on them too hard, you can cause damage which could result in electrocution. Get plenty of help when you hang Christmas lights.

 With these tips, you can safely hang your Christmas decorations without the risk of electrification. And if you do see anything acting up or witness overheating wires then you can always give Melbourne Emergency Electricians a call to come and help you resolve the issue.

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