How Do I Know if My Electrical Switchboard Needs Repairing?

How Do I Know if My Electrical Switchboard Needs Repairing?
Knowing the important role your switchboard plays is essential for understanding if, when and why it needs repair.As your switchboard is an integral part of your home’s power supply, making sure it’s in perfect working order not only provides you with the gift of power, it also protects you and your property from hazardous electrical damage.Read on to learn about what your switchboard actually does, why it’s important and how to know if it needs repairing.

What Your Switchboard Does and Why it’s Important

Your switchboard plays the important role of separating the electrical current supplied to your home into smaller divisible circuits. These circuits are then allocated to the various individual areas of your home such as the kitchen, bedrooms, laundry and pool.Your switchboard also plays a role in protecting your home from hazardous electrical faults via safety switches, fuses and circuit breakers, which cut the power in instances of electrical overload.

As you can see, the switchboard is a very important part of your electrical system.So, how can you recognise a fault if you have one?

When and Why Your Switchboard Needs Repairing

If Your Switchboard is Old and Out of Date

The more household appliances like air conditioners, computers, televisions and swimming pool pumps have evolved; the more comfort and luxury we have gained from them.

Unfortunately, these appliances demand significantly more power than those from the past, which can place a huge strain on older out of date switchboards.

This will often cause safety switches, fuses and circuit breakers to frequently trip. This isn’t ideal and if it’s happening in your home, there’s clearly a fault that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

By law, Victorian homes are required to have safety switches installed. Switchboards without safety switches are considered out of date and need to be upgraded as soon as possible.You may also want to have a licensed electrician take a look at your switchboard if you’re planning on converting to solar power, in order to comply with government safety standards, or thinking about installing a pool, as pool pumps are notoriously known for heavy energy consumption.

If You Smell or Notice Burning in or Around the Switchboard

Frequent overloading of the switchboard in your home is not only an inconvenience; it’s downright dangerous.Deteriorated cabling, faulty wiring and a lack of safety switches can lead to an arc fault, which has the potential to fatally electrocute you or start a fire at your home.If you do notice any signs of burning, you need to contact a licensed electrician as soon as possible.

What Are the Next Steps?

A faulty switchboard can become an emergency if left unrepaired and having to wait for an electrician to fix it during office hours can lead to further inconvenience, possible damage to your home and hazards to your health.We understand this isn’t an ideal world and that timing is everything. This is why we offer emergency 24 hour electrical repair, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home will be taken care of when you need it.

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